November Volunteer Spotlight

This month’s volunteer spotlight shines on Stephanie and Chase White, who reside in Raleigh, NC.

This past summer, the Whites generously volunteered their time during both weekends of the festival. Their dedication to driving eight hours from Raleigh over two weekends is a testament to their enthusiastic commitment to Folkmoot’s mission of supporting cultural understanding. Thanks, Stephanie and Chase!

Stephanie grew up in Haywood County, was involved in Folkmoot from 2005 – 2009 and served as a guide. Like many in the Folkmoot family, Stephanie attended festival performances since she was a little girl. With knowledge of her sister’s time with Folkmoot, Stephanie knew she would become a guide when she was old enough. She had the experience of working with groups from Spain, Macedonia and two groups from Mexico. When asked which groups stand out in her mind, Stephanie says, “The Netherlands and Mexican groups were by far my favorites! They were both full of fun and interesting people and I enjoyed getting to know them.”

Chase White came to Folkmoot with Stephanie for the first time last summer. After hearing so many stories about Stephanie’s experiences, he wanted to see firsthand what made Folkmoot so special. Chase notes, “It was nice to get to see other cultures and countries through their folk dances.” In volunteering, Chase was able to experience more than if he were simply in the audience. During the 2017 festival the Whites welcomed guests at the information tables at Many Cultures Day and International Festival Day. Volunteer Coordinator, Catherine adds,”They checked-in early to help and they stayed late. Stephanie and Chase even helping during one of the late “nighters” serving food and cleaning up the kitchen.”

When asked about their favorite festival events, Stephanie replied, “The Candlelight Closing, I’ve grown more appreciative of that particular performance after being a guide. It represents alot of accomplishment.”  For Chase, as a first-time festival goer, it was the Grand Opening, which gave him an outstanding first impression and set up his expectations of Folkmoot. Describing Folkmoot in one word, Stephanie said “fellowship” and Chase added “engaging.”

Folkmoot is many things to many people and we are grateful to the volunteers who find purpose and meaning in this work. The entire staff thanks the Whites for their time and for their commitment to sharing and growing Folkmoot. The board and staff thank Stephanie and Chase White from our hearts. We appreciate you!

For more information about volunteer opportunities, contact Catherine MacCallum, Operations & Volunteer Coordinator at

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