Where Credit is Due

Over the last couple years, the Folkmoot Friendship Center has undergone a serious makeover! Improvements have been made to create a more comfortable environment for our audience members and international guests. Community members will be surprised to see all the progress and we encourage you to come check it out! These enhancements to the building would not have been possible without the help from Deputy Glenn Biller and his hardworking crew from the Haywood County Sheriff’s Department.


As Haywood County Code Enforcement Officer, Glenn Biller does his best to preserve and protect the general welfare of our community; he enforces county ordinances and state laws for the citizens, neighborhoods, and businesses of Waynesville through the enforcement of town ordinances and state statutes. Biller served twenty-four years in the Army, was a member of the Iraqi Freedom Veteran Military Police, and retired as a Staff Sergeant. Biller is now working as the manager of the Inmate Crew that assists nonprofit organizations with a variety of projects throughout the Haywood County.

“We are always looking for ways to utilize inmates by assisting non-profits in the county such as Folkmoot.  We have a strong sense of community and it is just a way that the Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center can give back by using the assets we are given wisely.  Deputy Biller has done an outstanding job in managing our inmate work program and he is to be commended for the effort he puts into helping not only Folkmoot but a whole host of other non-profits in our county,” said Sheriff Greg Christopher.

Deputy Biller has been assisting Folkmoot for a little over fourteen months. These men have worked on landscaping, carpentry, painting, helping to prepare the rooms for festival guests, and so much more. “Glenn Biller and his crew have been integral to the rehabilitation of the historic Hazelwood School,” says Executive Director, Angeline Schwab, “The Sheriff’s crew, lead by Deputy Glenn Biller has given this historic school new life. We are in a campaign to rehabilitate the building in order to make it more useful to our international guests and the community. With Glenn’s support, this building is looking very nice. We are feeling proud and grateful for the collaboration.”


“We enjoy coming to Folkmoot and I have a strong group of guys who can get the job done. Each crew member has a different skill to offer for the work to be done. I try to utilize them based on the experience they have on the outside. It’s unbelievable the work they have done. These men feel good about seeing the project come together. We are happy to help the community the best we can and it is nice to see this old building get a facelift,” said Deputy Glenn Biller.


Operations and Volunteer Coordinator, Catherine MacCallum said, “I can see the pride Glenn takes in his job on a daily basis. He works hard to help others. This building is in pretty good shape now, maybe as good when it was Hazelwood Elementary School and that is all thanks to Glenn.”


Want to get involved in refurbishing the building? Contact Catherine MacCallum at catherine@folkmoot.org.

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