Town of Waynesville to Folkmoot: $35,000

A gift from the Town of Waynesville to Folkmoot: $35,000.

The Town of Waynesville has been a friend and supporter of Folkmoot from the very beginning and its participation – on behalf of the citizens and taxpayers of Waynesville – is a huge part of what makes this organization successful.

Waynesville to Folkmoot: $35,000This year, the town made a contribution of $25,000 for building upgrades and another $10,000 for the festival itself.

“The Folkmoot Board of Directors is very thankful for the Town of Waynesville’s donation and its assistance in transitioning Folkmoot to a year-round cultural and community center,” said Rose Johnson, President of the Folkmoot Board of Directors.

The gift of a monetary contribution doesn’t even include, from the Town of Waynesville, all the time, talent, effort donated to the festival just to make it happen. From closing and policing Main Street during our Parade of Nations and our International Festival Day to providing services and staff hours at the Folkmoot Friendship Center during the festival to clean-up duties after our big Main Street events. The support and generosity of the Town of Waynesville and it’s citizens cannon adequately be measured.

“Folkmoot is grateful to have The Town of Waynesville along with so many other wonderful sponsors,” said Folkmoot Executive Director Angeline Schwab.

We would encourage all festival attendees to visit and support all our many sponsors. You can find them all here (or at the bottom of this page).

Folkmoot 2016 is here!Folkmoot 2016 runs through July 31, with new parades in Asheville and Franklin), cultural events, festivals within the festival and – of course – those glorious, dramatic and colorful dance performances at venues all over Western North Carolina.

Named a Top 20 Event in 2016 in the Southeastern U.S., according to the Southeast Tourism Society and by USA Today as one of the Top Twenty Festivals in North Carolina, Folkmoot is a ten-day event featuring more than 200 international performers from ten countries with performances in 12 Western North Carolina communities.

Lodging and accommodations can be found here and Lake Junaluska Conference & Retreat Center is for the first time offering weekend hotel packages for Folkmoot visitors.

Folkmoot performers are primarily college students who are acting as cultural ambassadors for their home countries.

For the 2016 Festival groups will travel from China, the Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Ghana, Japan, Peru, Poland, Romania and a special U.S-Mexico collaboration. The 2016 Festival will also include performances by the Eastern Band of Cherokee and other local Appalachian dance groups and bluegrass bands .

You can see them all, featured together and with videos, on our Folkmoot Performers of 2016 page.

Follow our social media posts for the latest updates on  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat (mobile only). Please, always use #Folkmoot2016, the festival’s official hashtag,when sharing Folkmoot information and events or to search for the latest news.

Folkmoot, literally a “meeting of the people,” provides programs based on cultural exchange, designed to build global relationships, foster cultural understanding and develop community prosperity. Folkmoot creates opportunities for individuals and communities across the globe to build a deeper sense of connection, mutual respect and shared purpose.


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Town of Waynesville to Folkmoot: $35,000