Waynesville completes $25K grant to Folkmoot!

The Town of Waynesville handed Folkmoot a $20,000 show of support Feb. 10 when city leaders enthusiastically endorsed Folkmoot’s vision for the future as a year-round contributor to the culture, education & economy of Haywood County and Western North Carolina.

Waynesville’s governing board voted unanimously to grant Folkmoot its full $25,000 allocation.

“It’s good that they can show us where they’re going and where they’ve been,” Waynesville Mayor Gavin Brown told The Mountaineer. “I guess I was one of their greatest opponents, and now I’m one of their greatest proponents. I see no reason to restrict the usage of these funds. They have a good plan, and we know what it is.”

In addition to the annual summer festival, Folkmoot is planning nearly $400,000 worth of improvements to its permanent home, the Folkmoot Friendship Center (once a Hazelwood school).

If a paid subscriber, you can read the full piece published by The Mountaineer:

Folkmoot - Mountaineer


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