Volunteer Spotlight: Vivian Poppas

It takes a community to keep Folkmoot alive and have a successful festival each year. There are many tremendous volunteers that Folkmoot is grateful for but there is one volunteer that has been assisting the organization for years and always exceeds expectations. This exceptional volunteer is Vivian Poppas and she has been making a huge impact on Folkmoot since 1989.

“Vivian has dedicated her life to Folkmoot for 28 years. Her passion and commitment to this festival has helped in so many ways; from guiding our performers thru many years of the festival to helping prepare the rooms year after year. Folkmoot could not function without Vivian!” said Catherine MacCallum, Operations and Volunteer Coordinator.

During her first year with the festival Vivian started as a bus driver, but it did not take long for her to want to become more involved and to help in any way she could. Her second year with Folkmoot she was cleaning up rooms and making beds to prepare for the performers. She has also helped setting up and tearing down for events. This year Vivian is working alongside Operations and Volunteer Coordinator, Catherine McCallum, to make sure the festival runs smoothly.

After working with the festival for such a long time she has many fond memories but her favorite was communicating with a member from one of the groups from China. She cannot speak Chinese and he could not speak English so in order to communicate they drew pictures. Through drawings, they had conversations about their children, pets, and more.

“Something I like to tell people is that I get to travel the world every year and never leave home,” said Vivian.

Go to www.folkmoot.org and get your tickets to experience the wonder of international culture through music and dance!

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