Upgrades at Folkmoot! Visit Us & Take a Look

The auditorium, named for the square dance pioneer and promoter, Sam Love Queen.
The newly renovated auditorium, named for the square dance pioneer and promoter, Sam Love Queen.

Have you seen all the progress we’ve made on the Folkmoot facilities at the Historic Hazelwood School? We’d love for you to stop by and see what we’ve accomplished and to say HELLO! We’re awfully proud of some of the big and little repairs and improvements and hope you’ll give us a chance to show off our buildings and grounds a little.

The biggest change you’ll probably notice right away, is our brand new deck that we built next to the cafeteria. At a hefty 32’ by 32’, it gives us an outdoor space for our dancers and for other year round events. Named after one of Folkmoot’s most beloved board members and benefactors, Rolf Kaufman, the deck is a wonderful space with a beautiful view of the Balsam mountains.

What else? The new gleaming walls and floors of our 200 seat auditorium and multipurpose room are ready to be occupied. The auditorium, named for the square dance pioneer and promoter, Sam Love Queen, the auditorium has already hosted a Christmas sing-along and a springtime bluegrass event. And we’re not letting our multipurpose room go idle. This rentable space will be the waiting area to enter Haunted School House during Folkmoot’s Spookmoot event.

Other important improvements include, a natural gas pipelines to the buildings and a high efficiency heating system to the multipurpose room so we could have events there all year long. We also took the plunge and insulated the ceilings, so our classrooms and offices will be more comfortable and energy-efficient during the winter.

And while you’re visiting, you’ll be able to use an important utility – our brand new, WiFi system. With more than 500 feet of hidden wiring installed, our visiting dancers and other year-round users of the facility will now have access to the internet.

While we’ve been making these big improvements, we’ve depended on volunteers to help update and repair the buildings. A building of this age and size, takes a lot of work! Our trusty volunteers deserve the lion’s share of the praise for the progress we’ve made. From weather stripping, to painting, to pruning bushes, the volunteers have always been there when we’ve asked them for a hand. Bus drivers, board members, family friends, the United Methodist Church, HVO, cheerleaders and school groups – We couldn’t have accomplished so much, without these friends who want to see Folkmoot thrive. I should give a special mention to the Haywood County Sheriff’s volunteer work crew. These guys have made a real difference in our ability to make this building vital again. Thanks to all the volunteers who have improved the building. We couldn’t have don’t it without you.

So you see, there’s been a lot of big and little improvements to our facilities over the last year. If you haven’t seen them yet, come by 112 Virginia Avenue in Waynesville and say hello.

Bill Cole
Facilities Chair
Board President

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