Tuscola & Wanyesville Band Instructors to Lead the International Band

Returning to Folkmoot as the festival music director is Dillon Ingle, and joining him is festival newcomer, Adam Stewart. The directors are responsible for orchestrating the opening numbers and other performances throughout the festival and will be incorporating percussion and jazz ensembles made up of students from local music groups to bring an American sound to the stage.

Both Ingle and Stewart attended Western Carolina University where they participated in band and earned their music education degrees. Currently, Ingle is the assistant band director at Tuscola High School and Stewart is the band director at Waynesville Middle School. The two directors have known each other for a few years and worked together as music directors for the Waynesville/Tuscola bands alongside Jaime Graeber and Tim Wise.

As a second year participant in the festival, Ingle is glad to be returning. He is looking forward to seeing the students of Haywood County interact with the performing troupes from other countries. “My experience last year was musically fulfilling. All the groups were interesting in their own way and although each group had their own sound, we were able to come together and create such a special event. The excitement is inevitable!”

Stewart became involved with Folkmoot when college bandmate and Operations and Volunteer Coordinator at Folkmoot, Catherine MacCallum, asked if he would be interested in participating in the festival this year. As the festival approaches, Stewart is getting more excited and working diligently alongside Ingle to put together a series of spectacular performances. “I am most looking forward to meeting our guests and helping to make connections through our music.  Music is the most universal language we have.  Even though we will all be coming from different backgrounds, it will be a shared connection with us all.”

Festival goers can experience the enthusiasm and skill these two directors will bring a number of festival events including the Gala, both Grand Opening performances, Many Cultures Day, Sunday Soiree, and the Candlelight Closing, as well as performances at Haywood Community College, Blue Ridge Community College, the Colonial Theater, HART Theatre, Cherokee High School, and Diana Wortham Theatre.

A portion of the proceeds for the Sunday Soiree Concert Series will go to a scholarship fund to benefit Haywood County Schools’ graduates pursuing a music degree in college.

Go to www.folkmoot.org and get your tickets to experience the wonder of international culture through music and dance!

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