Thank you for a magnificent Folkmoot 2018!

Thank you for a magnificent Folkmoot 2018!

The music and dancing have faded (for now, briefly), lasting friendships and bonds have been rendered to sweet memories, the banners are down, the flags fly in our collective consciousness and, maybe, our world feels a bit more peaceful.

At least, that’s what we hope each year we draw the world to Main Street Waynesville and spread our joy across Western North Carolina: that through dance and music and cultural sharing we might nudge us all toward our better angels and come to understand we are, as people, more alike than we are different.

Yes, Folkmoot 2018 was spectacular and we’re grateful for everyone who help make it so beautiful.

Angeline Schwab, Folkmoot Executive Director, sums it up in her personal thanks:

“You may not know that Folkmoot grows from a 5 person, mostly part-time, staff to over 74 workers over the month of July. We have cafeteria workers, maintenance people, guides and assistant guides, social media people and bus drivers. We also have 400 volunteers, emcees, board members, ushers, office workers…you name it. We are a volunteer-based organization.

“Managing communication between themselves, their groups and the rest of us is the primary challenge. It’s also being conscious of cultural sensitivities, having an understanding of world politics, self-control, knowledge of Folkmoot sign language; also learning when to be a leader and when to follow. How to manage an emergency situation, being on time, sweeping a stage, phone etiquette, ticketing software…I could keep going.

“This group of workers are primarily local kids – students from Haywood County schools led by a group of caring adults who wanted to have an international experience right here at home. Our students from Tuscola and Pisgah High Schools along with students from Western Carolina University, Lenoir Rhyne, NC State University, Indiana, Tennessee and South Carolina colleges.

“We are having a great festival together. As Director, I’ve felt happier and more relieved and relaxed than I ever have while working with this powerful team. We were like murmurating starlings, a world-class marching band, a Haywood County power-team and a Folkmoot family.

“In the heartfelt words of assistant guide, Gracie Feichter, “These are happy and grateful tears I’m crying because I can’t picture my life without Folkmoot.

“These lovely groups, these guides and this awesome festival team, along with you…the friends of Folkmoot are the ones who’ve made this beautiful experience possible…us.

“Please take a bow, ya’ll!”

Be sure to visit our  Videos & Images Page, here on our website. Folkmoot 2018 ended July 29 and nearly a week later we continue the task of collecting thousands of photos and videos taken during the 10-day festival.

In addition to those appearing on our Video & Images page, we also have links to larger collections by some of the areas best photographers and videographers. Our Instagram is a pretty active place, too!

Here are some of our beautiful highlights from Folkmoot 2018 (among many, many highlights)!!

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It's a concert hall, a commercial kitchen and cafeteria, a dormitory, an event space - it's the Folkmoot Center.