Meet Glenn Arnette, Folkmoot Emcee & Board Member

Though Glenn Arnette is new to Folkmoot, he is already making a large impact on the organization. After first attending the festival three years ago and being fascinated by the performance, he wanted to become more involved. In 2016, he became an emcee and hosted ten shows, including the Gala and the Candlelight Closing. Last year he was also asked to become a member of the board.

Glenn enjoys all the events but his favorites are the Gala because this show creates festival excitement and the Candlelight Closing, which is special simply because of the extravaganza of the evening. He thinks that people should “rediscover Folkmoot because it is an event that changes every year.” Glenn can’t get over the excitement and depth of talent that the festival brings to Western North Carolina.

Board President Bill Cole said, “Glenn has been a fantastic addition to our Folkmoot family.  He became a board member about five months ago and hit the ground running with his participation on our Programs and Events Committee.  A big bonus with having Glenn around has been his background in entertainment.  With his talent and experience as an experienced emcee, Glenn has added a touch of professionalism to all of our major events.”


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Folkmoot 2017: The Performing Art Department of the Yung-Ping Vocational High School, representing Taiwan!

The Performing Art Department of the Yung-ping Vocational High School is the group representing Taiwan in this year’s festival. The group was founded in 2011 with a goal to put the art education into practice by integrating dance, art, musical performance, narration, and more.

The dance school may be young and new but that makes their talents even more extraordinary. They are national dance champions, winning competitions in 2012 and 2013. The group has also performed at international festivals in Brazil, Poland, and Portugal.

The performance includes stylized Chinese and Taiwanese traditional dances. Many of the country’s dances and music reflect Chinese culture but still have their own separate identity. There are dances for celebration, religious ceremonies, harvest, and more.


Go to and get your tickets to experience the wonder of international culture through music and dance!