Folkmoot 2016 is here!!

Folkmoot 2016 is here!

Folkmoot 2016 is here! The mountains of Western Carolina are alive with sights, sounds, music, pageantry, colorful costumes and extraordinary folk dancing! Be sure to see the complete schedule and purchase your tickets online here! The Folkmoot Box Office can be reached by phone during business hours: 828-452-2997 , ext. 207. The 33rd Annual Folkmoot … Read more

Say, “hello,” at Folkmoot 2016 in many languages

Say, "hello," at Folkmoot 2016

Say, “hello,” at Folkmoot 2016 in many languages. 你好   Hola   Moi   Bonjour & Salut   こんにちは    Cześć (Tch-esh-ch)     & Hey y’all!   Folkmoot has 9 international groups coming to the festival this year and even though many of the performers speak English, it is not the primary language for most of them. Be sure … Read more