Quilt Art by the Shady Ladies

June 2-4, 2017 the Folkmoot Friendship Center will host the annual exhibition Quilt Art by the Shady Ladies. The show is open from 10a.m. until 5p.m. on Friday and Saturday, and from noon until  4p.m. on Sunday. There is a $5.00 entry fee.

This year the members of the Shady Ladies Quilting Group have been challenged to represent Haywood County architecture in original art quilts. “The subjects the artists selected vary from new public buildings to interesting signs to even include structures that are now only memories,” explained Jane Cole, one of the leaders of the group.  “If you enjoyed our Barn Challenge quilts last year, Haywood’s MANMADE Angles has a broader focus and will not disappoint.”

There is much history to be found in the quilts. For example, Shady Lady, Chris Kroot, chose ‘The Owl’ as inspiration for her quilt. This building is located along the railroad tracks on the Old Asheville Highway in Haywood County and was built during the Great Depression by Earnest Skaggs. He was a master craftsman and constructed the building by hand with nothing more than a pick-up truck and a wheelbarrow.

“It took Skaggs 15 years to complete the building, which was in operation until 1970 as a drive-in restaurant and produce stand,” Chris Kroot elaborated. “The diner was popular after WWII with tourists visiting the National Park, train travelers going to Asheville, and local families. Why was it called ‘The Owl’? Evidently there was an old aspen tree on the other side of the road where a screech owl would sit almost every day. One day it landed on the building so Skaggs decided to call it ‘The Owl’.”

In addition to the historic architectural pieces, the Shady Ladies will exhibit 100 of their recently made quilts. Their designs range from artistic wall hangings to traditional bed quilts. The show also includes a boutique stocked with small quilts and quilting-related items.

“The show is really a benefit for the community,” said Wendy Bowen, Shady Lady leader. “All proceeds from our raffle quilt will be divided among Haywood County Hospice, Pigeon St. Community Center, and Meals on Wheels.”

For information about Shady Ladies, visit our Facebook page: Shady Lady Quilting Group.


Quilt Art by the Shady Ladies – Exhibition

Quilt Art by the Shady Ladies

Enjoy the region’s finest quilt art in the annual exhibition, Quilt Art by the Shady Ladies. The Shady Ladies, a quilt group in Haywood County, will host June 3-5 its 13th annual quilt show this year at the Folkmoot Friendship Center located in the Historic Hazelwood School. The newly renovated gymnasium will be filled with … Read more