Folkmoot Volunteers of the Year

Folkmoot Volunteers of the Year

Of all the many Folkmoot volunteers a few stand out each year for contributing over and above the call of duty and we try to recognize them each year as the Outstanding Folkmoot Volunteers of the Year. And 2015 was no exception to that rule, particularly given the changing faces and changing and expanding mission … Read more

I am thrilled to join the Folkmoot staff!

Elizabeth Burson, Folkmoot Programmer with Thai Dance Group

I am thrilled to join the Folkmoot staff! We have so much to catch up on…. Nearly everyone who knows Folkmoot thinks of it as something that only happens two weeks out of the year.   This is no longer the case.  How do I know you ask? I was just hired here! Let’s start … Read more

Tickets On Sale Now for Folkmoot USA 2015!

Folkmoot USA dancers

Tickets On Sale Now for Folkmoot USA 2015! Tickets went on sale May 1 for all events of Folkmoot USA 2015! You can purchase them online or come on out to May Day @ Folkmoot on Saturday, May 2, and the ticket office will be open! Dance troupes from such diverse nations as Indonesia, Ecuador, the … Read more

Folkmoot is having a HUGE sale!!

Folkmoot Sale!

Yes, Folkmoot is having a huge sale May 2! And, oh yea, we know: you’ve gazed longingly at some of the treasures and gifts graciously flowing between Folkmoot and our magnificent dance troupes and wished, “wouldn’t something like look wonderful in my living room?” Part of what Folkmoot means to so many people is making … Read more

The Campaign for Folkmoot – future is here!

Folkmoot Friendship Center

The Campaign for Folkmoot, which began quietly in 2015, is raising $1.2 million for Folkmoot Friendship Center as well as year-round programs and the ever-popular summer festival, Folkmoot USA! Think you know Folkmoot? You haven’t seen anything yet! With a campaign team lead by Joe Sam Queen, the effort is leading the way to a bright, new … Read more