Folkmoot is more social (media) than ever!

Folkmoot is more social (media) than ever!

Folkmoot is more social (media) than ever!

Over the past half-decade of Folkmoot’s 35-year life span we’ve become increasingly more active online, along the digital channels and well into the communications technology of the 21st Century – due in large part to our (mostly) young international dancers and many of our (often young) Haywood County volunteers who are “into” the social media and communicate all year long, becoming great digital friends around the globe.

Digital media – including and especially the social media – have become important tools in the Folkmoot tool chest for spreading peace and cultural understanding not only during the annual festival but all year long as well.

Folkmoot 2018 opens July 19 and runs through July 29 and will feature performing dance troupes from Ghana, Italy, Czech Republic, Mexico, Thailland and Northern Cyprus and Venezuela as well as Anglo Appalachian and, as always, Cherokee dancers and musicians. 

Ticket packages and tickets for individual performances are available here.

Folkmoot has always been about connecting with people of different cultures around the world, getting to know them and ourselves and making new friends.

Extending our presence online, in the digital spaces and along the social media, is just one more way to connect with you and around the globe – connect you around the globe.

We look forward to seeing and re-sharing all your Folkmoot experiences. Help us find what you post by using hashtags, #Folkmoot or #Folkmoot2018.  

Folkmoot on FacebookOur Folkmoot Facebook Page has long had an active and growing community and many of you visit and engage with it often – and we’re grateful for that.



Folkmoot on TwitterThe Folkmoot Twitter presence has increased exponentially in recent months and we’ve added the Folkmoot face to other popular social channels:

Folkmoot on GooglePlusGooglePlus


Folkmoot on InstagramInstagram

Folkmoot on PinterestPinterest

Folkmoot on TumblrTumblr



Folkmoot on YouTubeAnd by the time Folkmoot 2018 rolls around in a month the Folkmoot YouTube channel will be current, up-to-speed and timely.

We’re just continuing the grand Folkmoot party online and we invite you to join us on any or all of the social channels with which you engage most!

Again, we invite you share your Folkmoot experience online – on the social channels you use most (or, maybe even, discover new ones). Please use the hashtags, #Folkmoot and #Folkmoot2018, when sharing. We will try our best to keep up and repost, share whatever you post online.

In addition to our social network channels, many of the dance troupes and individual dancers have their own social accounts as well (unfortunately, too many to list here) and you will no doubt find them posting quite a lot. We encourage you to seek them out, follow them, share with them, engage them. After all, Folkmoot is all about cultural exchange and building peace through friendships. We can do that online, too!!