Volunteer Spotlight for April focuses on Gracie Feichter

Volunteer Spotlight for April focuses on Gracie Feichter

Our Volunteer Spotlight for April focuses on Gracie Feichter – one of Folkmoot’s star guides! 

Gracie is a junior at Tuscola High School in Waynesville. She has been a guide at Folkmoot for the past two years while also being involved in other organizations at school and in the community, including the Tuscola choir and dancing at Music Works.

Gracie’s journey with Folkmoot began when her dad, Jon Feichter, crossed paths with the Folkmoot Executive Director Angie Schwab. Dad encouraged Gracie to apply and interview for the position of star guide and has been a committed volunteer from day one!

Volunteer Spotlight for March focuses on Gracie Feichter“As the executive director, you want a guide volunteer to be as devoted to the organization as the staff is,” Schwab explained. “As a nonprofit, Folkmoot relies on the volunteers to help make ends meet and volunteers like Gracie invest so much time and energy to Folkmoot to better the organization. She deserves a lot of thanks for all of the hard work she puts into Folkmoot every year.”

Folkmoot 2018 is set for July 19-29 at performance venues in Haywood County, North Carolina and across the Western Carolina region. Tickets for some performances are already available online. Others will be added soon.

Stop by Folkmoot International Center during the festival, you will notice Gracie working with her fellow volunteer guides and her assigned international group. Volunteering with Folkmoot has given Gracie the opportunity to experience a festival which shares cultures around the world, something she loves.

Gracies says her event is the closing ceremony.

“With the festival ending, the closing ceremony allows all of the dancers, volunteers, and Folkmoot employees to mix with one another as a symbol of unity and light candles,” she said. 

Last year Gracie had the opportunity to be a guide for India.

“The kindness of the performers from India gave me so much joy for what I do,” she said.

Gracie also enjoyed the cultural aspect that the performers from India bring to Folkmoot. Two of her favorite cultural aspects brought by India was the food cooked every night and the bright, beautiful clothing the performers from India wore during performances.

There are so many ways to get involved as a volunteer with the Folkmoot Festival. Star guides get to experience the festival from the inside. 

“Folkmoot is an extraordinary opportunity that allows our differences to bring us together” Gracie said.

Folkmoot gives opportunities to many people for different reasons.

“The entire staff at Folkmoot appreciates all of the hard work and dedication Gracie sets forth every year,” Schwab said. “She makes every year memorable for not only her community but also for the performers from around the world.”

For more information about volunteer opportunities, contact Catherine MacCallum, Operations and Volunteer Coordinator: 828-452-2997, x105. Or fill out this online form.