Get your coconut cream pie tonight!

Coconut cream pie tonight at Folkmoot Family Fa-La-La!

Get your coconut cream pie tonight at Folkmoot Family Fa-La-La! I am lover of all things coconut. It instantly transports me to a lovely warm place.  I love the texture of the little shavings and that odd almost crunch sound they make as you bit them; not to mention the delicious cream that carries them … Read more

Good ol’ cherry pie! Folkmoot Fa-La-La!

Good ol’ cherry pie!  Yes, at Folkmoot Family Fa-La-La! The second most ‘American’ favorite out there.  Tart and sweet; that delicious sweet syrup; the burst of the zest when you bite into one of the cherries.  It just makes me think of summer. But you will find plenty of cherry pie – along with all … Read more

Banana Cream Pie is a-peeling!

Banana Cream Pie is a-peeling

Banana Cream Pie is a-peeling, yet another personal favorites – really, banana desserts in general.   The creamy sweetness of the banana always goes so well with any creamy topping and the slight crunch of the crust is the perfect combination to make your taste buds sing.   Holiday pie and holiday music will be … Read more