Folkmoot 2017: Ayalot Hanegev of Israel!


The Israel Representative Dance Ensemble “Ayalot Hanegev “comes to Folkmoot from the city of Be’er-Sheva. The group was founded in 1980 under the artistic direction of choreographer Moti Alkiss. Ayalot Hanegev performed at Folkmoot in 1996 and Folkmoot is excited to have the talented troupe returning to Haywood County once again.


The Israel Dance Ensemble has represented Israel in 77 countries all over the world during their 38 years of existence. They have appeared on national TV channels in Israel and international networks. The group comes highly recommended from the various events they have performed at and when the group came to Folkmoot in 1996, Mayor Henry B. Poy said, “These group members are artists in every sense. A lot of people have now put Israel at the top priority of their travel list after experiencing the wonder of these talented performers. We would love to have this group visit us again.”


Unlike many other forms of folk dance, Israeli folk dance is only about 60 years old. Israeli folk dancing is typically performed to songs in Hebrew and includes circle, partner, line, and individuals dances. Along with the talented dancers, Ayalot Hanegev is bringing two singers and several musicians who play the keyboard, accordion, drums, and trumpet.

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