Folkmoot musician became father of twins!

Folkmoot musician became father of twins!

Every Folkmoot Festival is filled with human stories and one of the many from the 2015 Summer Festival recently unfolded as a Folkmoot musician became father of twins! Ron Pon, percussionist in the 2015 troupe from Ecuador, was consistently in touch with his wife back in Ecuador during the festival in July, getting updates and … Read more

The spooky faces of Spookmoot

Spookmoot @ Folkmoot 2015

The spooky faces of Spookmoot were out in their bewitching best over the Halloween weekend as Folkmoot held its first Spookmoot Celebration and, well, excuse for a big ol’ party! What a great time! And the community came out in frightening ways to curdle the blood of any usually upstanding citizen! Our sponsors deserve a … Read more

Show us your Spookmoot costume!

Show us your Spookmoot costume! C’mon, c’mon…we want to see! We can’t wait for the weekend and the Friday night Kid’s Carnival or the Saturday Halloween Fling & Costume Party for adults! We want to see! (And so does everyone else – you know, just in the interest of making sure we’re all not duplicating … Read more

Folkmoot Volunteers of the Year

Folkmoot Volunteers of the Year

Of all the many Folkmoot volunteers a few stand out each year for contributing over and above the call of duty and we try to recognize them each year as the Outstanding Folkmoot Volunteers of the Year. And 2015 was no exception to that rule, particularly given the changing faces and changing and expanding mission … Read more

Images & videos from Folkmoot Summer 2015

Create a Folkmoot legacy all your own!

We continue to compile more images & videos from Folkmoot Summer 2015! As anyone could guess, Folkmoot is a veritable paradise of bright images and videos, dance and movement, energetic people with broad smiles and engaging personalities. Here, below, are some samples from that trio for the 2015 Summer Festival. Further on down, we’ll post … Read more

Folkmoot Summer 2015 images remain forever!

Folkmoot Summer 2015 images remain forever!

The Folkmoot Summer Festival of 2015 closed its 10-day run July 26 but Folkmoot Summer 2015 images remain forever! In addition to being North Carolina’s Official Folklife Festival and the biggest party of each summer in Western Carolina, Folkmoot is, among many other aspects, a feast for the senses, a delicious full meal with dessert … Read more

Folkmoot Final Extravaganza Weekend!

Folkmoot Photos

It’s been an extraordinary 10 days – a fanciful flight of color, art, music and drama – and it all comes together over the next three days in the Folkmoot final extravaganza weekend! From Franklin to Burnsville and Hickory – and most points in between – Folkmoot dancers from around the world have filled our … Read more

Today: Asheville, Burnsville, Haywood Fairgrounds!

Folkmoot 2016 - Blue Ridge Community College

Folkmoot has three big performances today: Asheville, Burnsville, Haywood Fairgrounds! The world’s folk dancers here for Folkmoot 2015 will travel today to Burnsville for an afternoon show Burnsville Town Center, back to Asheville for an evening show at the Jewish Community Center and in-between a family-friendly, pay-by-the-carload show at 4 p.m. at the Haywood County … Read more

Sponsors make the performances possible!

Folkmoot Sponsors make it all possible

Enjoying Folkmoot 2015? Yes! Our sponsors make the performances possible! And, yes, we are without question so very grateful for the thousands of private donations and volunteer efforts of the entire community. But without our generous Sponsors – who give not only treasure but also time and talent – Folkmoot could not exist and our … Read more

Folkmoot tonight in Canton, Bryson City

Folkmoot tonight in Canton, Bryson City

Dance performances continue to spread across Western Carolina with Folkmoot tonight in Canton, Bryson City. The show in Canton begins at 7:30 p.m. in the historic Colonial Theater. Find links to tickets here. The show in Bryson City also begins at 7:30 p.m. at Swain High School. Links to tickets. Other performances over the next … Read more

Folkmoot generates press; shows continue!

Folkmoot 2016 - Colonial Theater - Canton

As North Carolina’s Official Folklife Festival, one might expect Folkmoot generates press – and lots of it. Our 2015 Festival – underway now, performance schedule here – is no exception and for that we’re grateful for the news and media organizations who take the time to send reporters, videographers and photographers. We’re also grateful to … Read more

Folkmoot is in full swing! Three shows today!

Folkmoot Photos

Folkmoot is in full swing, hitting full stride on a grand opening weekend with performance today – Sunday, July 19 – in Asheville, Hickory at Lake Junaluska! The full ensemble – dancers from Chile, Philippines, Estonia, Puerto Rico, Canada, Ecuador & Philippines – will join together for a 1:30 p.m. matinee performance at the Diana Wortham Theatre … Read more