Hello readers! My name is Myah Baird.

Hello readers! My name is Myah Baird.

Hello readers!

My name is Myah Baird. I would like to formally introduce myself as the newest member of Folkmoot USA in Waynesville, North Carolina.

I am joining Folkmoot as an intern writer and blogger through Western Carolina University, where I attend school. 

I am nineteen years old and working on my major in political science with a minor in international studies and journalism. I am in my second semester of school and so excited to be learning in these beautiful mountains.

Hello readers! My name is Myah Baird.

My hobbies include writing, hiking, snowboarding, reading, singing, playing my guitar and ukulele, spending time with my friends, and traveling.

A quote I choose to live by comes from the great Albert Einstein: “The only source of knowledge is experience”.

This resonates with me as I think about my future with Folkmoot. If there’s anything I want from life, it is experience. My goal is to truly learn about our world and the way we all function in order to work together despite all of the barriers we face; cultural, linguistic, political, religious and others.

I began writing at an early age in my hometown Franklin, winning state awards as a young author. Of course I have always written in my journal; writing about people and how we think, what makes us different and the unique aspects of our lifestyles. These are all subjects about which I hope to write pieces for Folkmoot.

I will be conducting interviews with local people, spending time with this year’s Folkmoot Festival international visitors, as well as blogging online to keep everyone updated. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for this opportunity and I hope you all can enjoy this experience with me as I learn more about our world’s beautiful diversity.  

Folkmoot 2018 is set for July 19-29 at performance venues in Haywood County, North Carolina and across the Western Carolina region. Tickets for some performances are already available online. Others will be added soon.

When Waynesville surgeon, Dr. Clinton Border, returned home after seeing a dance team at an English folk festival, he thought such a festival would be perfect for Western North Carolina, which had its own rich history of preserving its traditional culture.  It took from 1973, when Border made his trip, to 1984 before the first Folkmoot USA event took place.  That year, symbolic as it was also the year that North Carolina celebrated its 400th birthday, welcomed performers from England, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Turkey, Mexico, Puerto Rico and India.  

In 2002, the Folkmoot Friendship Center leased the former Hazelwood Elementary School, thus giving it a home to expand its programming and activities.  In 2014, the Haywood County school system donated the school to the organization.  Now, this multi-faceted space has created an expanded opportunity for Folkmoot to move from a two week festival to a year-round cultural center, focusing on programs and events that celebrate diversity and differences, encourage cultural conversation and inclusion, and preserve and honor worldwide cultural heritages, especially using dance as a tool to achieve world peace.

Since these humble yet visionary beginnings in 1984, more than 8,000 international performers from 200 countries have entertained and thrilled residents and guests of Western North Carolina.

Czech the box of the Folk Ensemble Kašava

2018 Festival Schedule

Be sure when Folkmoot Festival 2018 rolls around to Czech the box of the Folk Ensemble Kašava – yes, of the Czech Republic!

We’re sure Kašava will be a big hit at the 2018 festival!

Folkmoot 2018 opens July 19 and runs through July 29 and will feature performing dance troupes from Ghana, Italy, Czech Republic, Mexico, Thailland and Northern Cyprus and Venezuela as well as Anglo Appalachian and, as always, Cherokee dancers and musicians. 

Ticket packages and tickets for individual performances are available here.

Kašava was founded in 1971 in a village of the same name, situated in the northern part of the Zlin region of the Czech Republic.

Originally connected to the local agricultural co-operative, the troupe has over the years increasingly expanded its focus to the folk ways, customs and dances of western and southern Wallachia (a hilly east-Moravian region) and the surrounding areas of Luhacovice
Zalesi and the flat region of Hana.

Be sure when Folkmoot Festival 2018 rolls around July 19-29 to Czech the box of the Folk Ensemble Kašava - yes, of the Czech Republic!Apart from individual dances the repertoire of the ensemble includes scenic items combining music, dance and features of drama. These arise both from folk rituals and customs and folk materials reflecting serious points in the life of past generations from the particular region.

One of the specific features of Kašava’s focus is the reconstruction of extinct Christmas and Shrovetide custom plays. The work of the group’s members is arm in arm with the effort for preserving the ethical and aesthetic values of the traditional folk culture.

Kašava holds thematic folk programs and traditional dance balls for the public, attends annual caroling and takes part in festivals at home, throughout Europe and, now, the United States.

An important part of the Kašava members’ activity is their work with children. Six children’s folk groups have been organized and roughly 150 children participate on a regular basix.

The leader of the troupe is Ondrej Pavlistik. Its music director is Katerina Dlabajova and the choir director is Petra Pavlistikova.

Please visit the troupe’s website and befriend them on Facebook!

Folkmoot will be pleased and proud to present this summer Kašava!

See one of the troupe’s performances in this YouTube video (please visit their YouTube channel for more):

Finale weekend in Asheville and Waynesville!

Finale weekend in Asheville and Waynesville!

Folkmoot 2016 has been nothing short of spectacular and all the energies are building toward a huge finale weekend in Asheville and Waynesville! Thousands of Western North Carolinians and visitors to the region have piled through the (imaginary) turnstiles at venues from Franklin to Hickory – and many points in between – to witness the … Read more

Folkmoot 2016 Thursday in Franklin, NC

Folkmoot 2016 Thursday in Franklin, NC

It will be parades and pageantry all over the place for Folkmoot 2016 Thursday in Franklin, NC! With its largest presence ever, Folkmoot will have two major events in Franklin: a 4 p.m. parade through downtown and a 7 p.m. performance of all groups at the Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts. This will … Read more

A very special Wednesday for Folkmoot 2016

A very special Wednesday for Folkmoot 2016

A very special Wednesday for Folkmoot 2016. With performances set for Hendersonville and a a premier performance at Asheville’s Hazel Robinson Amphitheater July 27 will be a red-letter date in Folkmoot history. The Hendersonville performance is a matinee – 2 p.m. at Blue Ridge Community College – a traditional Folkmoot appearance in recent years. The … Read more

It’s Cherokee Day on Tuesday for Folkmoot

It's Cherokee Day on Tuesday for Folkmoot

It’s Cherokee Day on Tuesday for Folkmoot 2016. The dancers of this year’s festival – from the Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Peru, Poland and our special Mexico-Texas team – will spend most of the day learning about the Tsalagi, our people native to the Smoky Mountains or Tsakonage in the Tsalagi language (the place of blue … Read more

Folkmoot 2016: Hickory & Waynesville today!

Folkmoot 2016: Hickory & Waynesville today!

After a raucous and very active opening weekend, the fun continues for Folkmoot 2016: Hickory & Waynesville today! We always look forward to our visit to Hickory. Two performances set for today, 3 p.m. and 6 p.m., at the Drendel Auditorium, formerly the SALT Block Auditorium.  Call 828-326-0256 to order tickets directly. $10.00 for Adults/ $5.00 … Read more

Town of Waynesville to Folkmoot: $35,000

Town of Waynesville to Folkmoot: $35,000

A gift from the Town of Waynesville to Folkmoot: $35,000. The Town of Waynesville has been a friend and supporter of Folkmoot from the very beginning and its participation – on behalf of the citizens and taxpayers of Waynesville – is a huge part of what makes this organization successful. This year, the town made … Read more

Folkmoot 2016 is here!!

Folkmoot 2016 is here!

Folkmoot 2016 is here! The mountains of Western Carolina are alive with sights, sounds, music, pageantry, colorful costumes and extraordinary folk dancing! Be sure to see the complete schedule and purchase your tickets online here! The Folkmoot Box Office can be reached by phone during business hours: 828-452-2997 , ext. 207. The 33rd Annual Folkmoot … Read more

Say, “hello,” at Folkmoot 2016 in many languages

Say, "hello," at Folkmoot 2016

Say, “hello,” at Folkmoot 2016 in many languages. 你好   Hola   Moi   Bonjour & Salut   こんにちは    Cześć (Tch-esh-ch)     & Hey y’all!   Folkmoot has 9 international groups coming to the festival this year and even though many of the performers speak English, it is not the primary language for most of them. Be sure … Read more

A great festival despite losing two groups!

A great festival despite losing two groups!

Folkmoot 2016 is going to be a great festival despite losing two groups! We are sad to have to report two of our international dance troupes expected for Folkmoot 2016 will not arrive. They were forced to cancel travel plans when, at the last minute, they were denied travel visas to the U.S. Unfortunately, the … Read more

Two days away! Folkmoot 2016!

Folkmoot 2016 is here!

Two days away! Folkmoot 2016! The festival formally begins Thursday with a “sneak peek” on Wednesday night! For the next two weeks, Western North Carolina will be awash in the sites and sounds, colors and musical melodies, cultural celebrations and exchanges and – of course – the dancing and pageantry that is the Folkmoot Festival … Read more