Folkmoot 2018 will celebrate a Mexican Fiesta

Folkmoot 2018 will celebrate a Mexican Fiesta

Folkmoot 2018 will celebrate a Mexican Fiesta this summer as the 35th edition of North Carolina’s official international folk festival stages performances all over Western Carolina.

“Fiesta Mexicana” Ballet Folklorico of Monterrey, often known by its acronym, BOFOFIM, is sure to be a popular entry into the Folkmoot 2018 Festival line-up along with troupes from Ghana, Italy, Czech Republic, Venezuela, Northern Cyprus and Thailand as well as Anglo Appalachian and Cherokee dancers and musicians. 

Folkmoot 2018 opens July 19 and runs through July 29.

You can see all our visiting dance troupes, featured together and with videos, on our Folkmoot Performers of 2018 page. And see below a special YouTube performance of Fiesta Mexicana Ballet Folklorico! Connect with Fiesta Mexicana here on the troupe’s Facebook page.

Ticket packages and tickets for individual Folkmoot 2018 performances are available here.

Folkmoot 2018 will celebrate a Mexican FiestaFiesta Mexicana was created in 1987 in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon in response to the concerns of dance entrepreneurs, who decided to form a folkloric ballet to share the cultural roots of their beloved Mexico, one of the world’s most popular but, perhaps, least understood of all the world’s great nations.

The ballet strives for defined objectives and creates a particular style, bringing to stage a folkloric spectacle with professionalism and aesthetics and excels in the artistic cultural environment.

“Fiesta Mexicana” is a ballet which incorporates multiple dance techniques while remaining true to national folklore and contributes to the development and maturity of the personality of its members. 

After 31 years of effort and continuous work, Fiesta Mexicana has become one of Nuevo Leon’s most important dance and cultural groups, expanding its structure to other but related troupes: International Mexican Fiesta, Fiesta Mexicana Jr. and Founders of Fiesta Mexicana.

An independent and well-respected dance troupe, born with firm ideals and great enthusiasm, today it preserves its founding principles and objectives while maintaining its commitment to diversity and presenting its show with professionalism, honoring its name, its status and its Mexican heritage. 

Mexico is undoubtedly one of the richest countries in cultural traditions with its folkloric roots full of color, mysticism, joy and artistic content, all of which have found their best form of expression in dance.

During its performances of diverse national dances and folk dances, the troupe makes an imaginary and magical journey through the all 31 Mexican states. The stage is the vehicle through which audience members transport themselves and reach Mexico’s most beautiful national corners.

The strength and vigor of the northern dances; the candor and mysticism of the dances; the sensuality of the rhythms of the tropics; the elegance of sonos jarochos; the Mayan legend of the Xtabay; the precision of the Huastec huapangos; the power and competence sounds; the diversity of nuances, rhythms and expressions of our country: the charro, the tapatía, the china poblana, the chinaco, the mestiza of Yucatan, the choco tabasqueño, the northern regio – all come together in this visual and musical extravaganza. It is, indeed, a Mexican Fiesta!

Here is just a small taste, via YouTube, of what you’ll find at Folkmoot 2018 when Fiesta Mexicana takes the stage: