A Folkmoot Sunday Soirée – July 22

We're just getting started with Folkmoot 2018!

A Folkmoot Sunday Soirée – July 22 – will feature an evening of locally grown internationally themed delicacies, locally grown young musicians and our Festival Friendship Dinner!

The festive, informative, entertaining and delicious evening will begin at 5 p.m. on the Greenspace at Folkmoot Friendship Center, 112 Virginia Avenue in Waynesville.

Reservations and tickets are available here.

Ticket sales and contributions support Folkmoot programs which sustain cultural arts for youth & families in Haywood County. Parking is available in the back of the Folkmoot building for year-round events.

Folkmoot 2018 opens July 19 and runs through July 29 and will feature performing dance troupes from Ghana, Italy, Czech Republic, Mexico, Thailand and Northern Cyprus and Venezuela as well as Anglo Appalachian and, as always, Cherokee dancers and musicians. 

Ticket packages and tickets for individual performances are available here.

A Folkmoot Sunday Soirée - July 22Celebrating our second year of the Sunday Soirée, all are invited to experience the foods of eight world cultures, presented by the chefs of the Blind Pig Supper Club with entertainment provided by regional youth celebrating cultural arts.

Performers will represent Appalachian, African, American Jazz and Cherokee cultures. Patrons will have the opportunity to meet and greet Folkmoot’s international performers over dessert!

Our regional performers will include: Appalachian fiddle princess Lillian Chase;  the renown Tuscola High School Jazz Band & Percussion Ensemble; the Urban Arts Institute dance troupe, featuring African-American dance and award-winning Cherokee Vocalist, Dvdaya Swimmer

The Blind Pig Supper Club is a team of talented, young chefs working together in Asheville & Western Carolina; a social event and experience of the arts which brings together the wonderful and unique communities of professional chefs and cooks, artists, musicians, farmers, servers, bartenders, foragers and hunters. Menus and dinner concepts are drafted upon ideas which inspire the group – like Folkmoot – and going beyond and above conventional standards.

The culinary team adheres to strict food philosophies and the use of only local and seasonal vegetables, and local, sustainable meats, fish and seafood on its menus.

Blind Pig has garnered local and national media attention and nationally distinctive awards for its array of cultural preservation, documentation, research and philanthropy through the team’s distinct creation of food and experience.

Folkmoot is honored and grateful to have the opportunity to work with this creative, talented organization.

The Folkmoot Sunday Soirée menu of international cuisine will include calamari and hot pepper frito misto from Italy; kielbasa sausage do with caraway mustard and kraut from the Czech Republic; Thai grilled port with green papaya salad from Thailand; grilled haloumi cheese with fresh her salad from Cypress; Argentinian grilled chicken with chimichurri from Patagonia.

See fiddlin’ phenom Lillian Chase perform: