The dance, music and spirit of Cyprus

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The dance, music and spirit of Cyprus, northern Mediterranean, will land in the Smoky Mountains for Folkmoot 2018, July 19-29!

Kyrenia Youth Centre Association will bring its traditional Turkish-Cypriot dance, music & costumes to be a highlight of Folkmoot in its 35th Edition.

Based in the northern Cyprus tourist destination of Kyrenia, the youth center association was formed in 1998 to celebrate and display the culture, tradition and folklore of Turkish Cyprus to future generations and other cultures by participating in international festivals.

The troupe typically includes approximately 28 dancers who jump and twirl to live traditional Turkish Cypriot music. The average age of our group is 28, although some members may be as young as 24.

Folkmoot 2018 is set for July 19-29 at performance venues in Haywood County, North Carolina and across the Western Carolina region. Tickets for some performances are already available online. Others will be added soon.

The dance, music and spirit of CyprusDiscover more about the Kyrenia Youth Centre Association and become a friend on the group’s Facebook page. You’ll find a YouTube video below.

Turkish Cypriot Folk Dances are divided into six categories. at Folkmoot 2018, Kyrenia will perform as many as 28 different dances from the six categories:

KARŞILAMA DANCES – These dances are divided into two performed by men and women. It is a kind of dance which is generally performed in pairs.

SİRTO DANCES – It is a kind of dance which is performed happily by men. It is performed by holding handkerchief. Aziziye Sirto, is a sirto which was written by Abdülaziz The Sultan of Ottoman Empire.

ZEYBEK DANCES – It is a kind of dance which is performed with great enjoyment by Turkish Cypriots. In Zeybek Dance , the common feature is that dance is performed by man’s character.

KASAP DANCES – Performed lively , joyfully in a dynamic style. It starts from slow to fast. Men and women dance together. It has a hard and sharp final.

ÇİFTETELLİ AND ARABİYE DANCES – These dances are based on moving of shoulders belly movements performed freely. Dictionaries define that Çiftetelli Dance was born in Palaces. The main features of Çiftetelli and Arabiye are the attractiveness of body , shoulder and hip movement. Arabiye Dance’s performed by the females, is reminiscent of the belly dances performed by women from the not too distant orient but it differs , as the Cypriot costumes are very original in nature. The Bardak Dance, or glass dance, is a kind of Folk Dance which is done by men who put glassesover his head. This dance takes place at the old wedding parties.

TOPICAL DANCES – Imitation and representative dances are divided into different groups by their topics. It is a dance which has dramatic particularities based on one topic. Kartal Dance in which the eagle is the symbolic animal and represents freedom, adventure of Cypriots. The Orak or sickle dance is a kind of dance which is performed joyfully by peasants with their sickle during harvest. The reapers perform different kinds of movements while harvesting to show their capability and superiority to each other. The Değirmenci dances imitate the behavior of men and women: a women who shows the beauty of her body to the miller in order not to pay money for grinding her wheat. The Kozan dance is performed by jug at henna nights. At the end of the dance the jug is broken by the dancers. The broken jug has two meanings. One is symbolizing the endless happiness and the other the desire of a newly married couple to have as many children as the broken jug pieces.

Watch them on YouTube, the glass dance: