Create a Folkmoot legacy all your own!

Create a Folkmoot legacy all your own!

After three spectacular decades Folkmoot is progressing, transforming, expanding and now you can be part of the renewal and create a Folkmoot legacy all your own! Over the next few years, Folkmoot will grow from a 10-day festival of spectacular dance to a year-round center of cultural exchange, education, entrepreneurship and peace-building and you can … Read more

Images & videos from Folkmoot Summer 2015

Create a Folkmoot legacy all your own!

We continue to compile more images & videos from Folkmoot Summer 2015! As anyone could guess, Folkmoot is a veritable paradise of bright images and videos, dance and movement, energetic people with broad smiles and engaging personalities. Here, below, are some samples from that trio for the 2015 Summer Festival. Further on down, we’ll post … Read more

Folkmoot Summer 2015 images remain forever!

Folkmoot Summer 2015 images remain forever!

The Folkmoot Summer Festival of 2015 closed its 10-day run July 26 but Folkmoot Summer 2015 images remain forever! In addition to being North Carolina’s Official Folklife Festival and the biggest party of each summer in Western Carolina, Folkmoot is, among many other aspects, a feast for the senses, a delicious full meal with dessert … Read more

Folkmoot – from two weeks to year-round!

Folkmoot USA Friendship Center

“A strategic plan unveiled (April 9th) will revamp Folkmoot USA from a two-week summer festival to a year-around incubator for cultural engagement, community development and economic enrichment.” That’s how The Mountaineer pretty accurately summed up the renewed vision for Folkmoot in the lead story of its April 13 edition. “With a building of its own, … Read more

Celebrate May Day! And Folkmoot USA! May 2!

Celebrate May Day with Folkmoot

Join your friends and neighbors – Saturday, May 2 – to Celebrate May Day with Folkmoot USA’s renewed vision and mission of a globally-connected community through cultural exchange! Much of Western Carolina is expected to be on hand at the Folkmoot Friendship Center, 112 Virginia Avenue (the historic Hazelwood School), to dance, sing, play music, … Read more

The Campaign for Folkmoot – future is here!

Folkmoot Friendship Center

The Campaign for Folkmoot, which began quietly in 2015, is raising $1.2 million for Folkmoot Friendship Center as well as year-round programs and the ever-popular summer festival, Folkmoot USA! Think you know Folkmoot? You haven’t seen anything yet! With a campaign team lead by Joe Sam Queen, the effort is leading the way to a bright, new … Read more