Come to Folkmoot – Stay at Lake Junaluska!

Come to Folkmoot – Stay at Lake Junaluska! Lake Junaluska Conference & Retreat Center, one of Western Carolina’s finest resort destinations for family activities and fun, will for Folkmoot 2016 (July 21-31) offer special weekend hotel packages for Folkmoot guests. Folkmoot 2016 Opening Weekend Folkmoot visitors can attend Festival 2016’s Opening Weekend, July 22-24, and … Read more

Folkmoot inspires regional flavors, too!

Folkmoot inspires regional flavors, too!

No matter how many of the world’s cultures and traditions Folkmoot brings to Western Carolina, we all revel in the unique qualities of our Smoky Mountain home and Folkmoot inspires regional flavors, too!

(Editor’s note: this wonderful guest piece was written by Tina Masciarelli, MLA, coordinator of Buy Haywood. Thank you, Tina!)

Every summer in Haywood County, residents & visitors alike can count on finding the juiciest heirloom tomatoes, ripe berries, farm-raised meats, colorful free-range eggs, gourmet jams, floral honey, crisp green beans and richly colored, sweet-to-spicy peppers all growing in the hills and valleys of Western Carolina.

For over three decades, now, Folkmoot has been host to over 200 groups from 100 different countries.  In celebration of our friends at Fookmoot and its extraordinary contributions to our community’s culture, arts and economy, we’ve written a recipe for Curried Zucchini Soup made with the freshest local in-season ingredients and an unexpected punch of exotic flavor! 

Curried Zucchini Soup

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Zucchini recipes Ingredients
4-6 medium Zucchini, roughly chopped
1 Onion, roughly chopped
2 Carrots, peeled & roughly chopped
2 medium Potatoes, roughly chopped
1 clove of Garlic, roughly chopped
Corn Oil (or other neutral-flavored oil)
1/2 teaspoon Tumeric
1 teaspoon Curry powder
1/2 teaspoon Cumin
1/2 teaspoon Coriander
Pinch of Red Pepper Flakes
1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt
Salt & Pepper
Water (can substitute chicken or vegetable stock)

Steps of Preparation
In a large stock pot, coat bottom with cooking oil.

Turn heat on medium, add the following:
Carrots, Onions, salt & pepper
Cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Add garlic and spices, cook for 1 minute – stirring.
Be careful not to burn garlic.

Add chopped potatoes and zucchini.
Stir well.  Cover vegetables with water.

Bring mixture to boil, reduce heat to low. Cover with a lid & cook for 15 minutes or until potatoes are tender.

Let cool slightly, in order to safely blend or puree.

Using an immersion blender, conventional blender or potato masher: puree the soup until desired texture.

Add Greek yogurt and mix well.

Taste for salt & pepper.  Season to taste. Serve warm with toasted croutons on the side.

Cook. Share. Enjoy!

Celebrate the dance & food of India!

Celebrate the dance & food of India!

Celebrate the dance & food of India in a special Folkmoot Family International Dinner on March 11! The Folkmoot Friendship Center, 112 Virginia Avenue in Waynesville, will become festooned with the sights, sounds, colors and flavors of the Indian sub-continent and everyone is invited to participate, 6 p.m. Tickets prices are $10 for adults & parents … Read more

Spookmoot will be Halloween epic!

Spookmoot @ Folkmoot

We don’t want to scare you (well, yes, we do) but hauntingly put: Spookmoot will be Halloween epic! Everyone remembers the legendary Halloween parties which took place for many years in this usually peaceful valley. Like a headless horseman the legend returns to life for 2015 (hint: The Mountaineer is co-sponsor) and with it comes a … Read more

Share your traditional garb during Folkmoot

Folkmoot 2016 - Parade of Nations

Share your traditional garb during Folkmoot 2015! During the festival – July 16 to 26; schedule, performers and tickets here – we’re hoping as many friends and supporters as possible with share with us your own cultural roots through your personal clothing choice. We encourage you to wear the traditional garb of your heritage when … Read more