Surprise and Relief – Welcome Shmeckie Media

Folkmoot is excited to announce a new member to our marketing team, Becky Seymour of Shmeckie Media! Seymour said “My first impression of Folkmoot was surprise and relief.”

Becky Seymour, a Chicago native, moved to Waynesville in the late 90’s. While enjoying Western North Carolina, Seymour missed the endless amount of cultural diversity that exists in her home town. While attending her first Folkmoot performance Seymour felt relieved to still have the opportunity to be immersed in cultures different from her own. “Experiencing and witnessing other cultures is very important to me” Seymour said “it reminds me that no matter how I feel about the culture I was brought up in, the connection I can make with other ethnicities and traditions will always feed my desire to learn more and connect with others around the world.”

Seymour sees a benefit that Folkmoot brings the world to Haywood County “Not everyone has the ability or means to travel to these amazing places. I will take it upon myself to work alongside the Folkmoot team to bring that experience to the fine folks that support everything this wonderful organization is about.”

Welcome to the Folkmoot family Becky! We are excited to have your enthusiasm, witty nature and expertise in social media & keen eye for beauty to represent the Folkmoot family.

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