Spookmoot will be Halloween epic!

We don’t want to scare you (well, yes, we do) but hauntingly put: Spookmoot will be Halloween epic!

Everyone remembers the legendary Halloween parties which took place for many years in this usually peaceful valley. Like a headless horseman the legend returns to life for 2015 (hint: The Mountaineer is co-sponsor) and with it comes a full weekend of Spookmoot @ Folkmoot fun-filled activities for the whole family – including a Friday night children’s carnival, the Saturday night Halloween Fling & Costume Party for adults and, get this, a Sunday afternoon pumpkin catapult contest right smack (smash) in downtown Waynesville!

You read that correctly: pumpkin catapult contest. “Oh, look at that jack-o-lantern fly!!”

Spookmoot @ FolkmootSpookmoot Kids Carnival! Friday, October 30, 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., Folkmoot Friendship Center, $5 per person, free if under age 2 —  Lots of spooky games and activities for children will be there. Come in costume! It’s a family festival and will include food and refreshments (even for the adults), a haunted hall, a costume contest, a photo booth and classic Halloween films on a big screen (another hint: original vampire movie).  It’s going to be a fantastic family Friday night event!

Spookmoot Halloween Fling & Costume Party! Saturday, October 31, 8 p.m. to the bewitching hour! Folkmoot Friendship Center, $50 per person (age 18 and over). This is the return of the legendary Halloween Party which haunted the valley (and some of the participants) in years past. Costumes! Scary moments! Party goers will need to survive a haunted hall to enter the festivities! Movies here, too, and plenty of frightening food, adult beverages (not necessarily excluding blood cocktails…okay, not really, or…hmmm.) The party will of course feature a costume contest so bring your best (living or dead) A-game!

Spookmoot Pumpkin Catapult with the Catamounts! Sunday, November 1, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., Main Street @ Miller Street in Downtown Waynesville, $3 donation requested for each pun’kin ‘pulted! Students from Western Carolina University’s Construction Management Department are right now spending valuable class time designing catapults the purpose of which will be to chunk pumpkins down a Waynesville street! Not making this up. Catapults chunkin’ pun’kins on a Sunday afternoon! What could be more fun?? Who knows what kind of pumpkin pie can come of this? Prizes will be awarded for the heaviest pumpkin, the farthest chunked pumpkin and maybe more!

To put it mildly, Spookmoot may end up being the scariest thing that’s happened to Haywood County in quite some time!

Tickets can be purchased at the Folkmoot Friendship Center, 112 Virginia Avenue and at Spookmoot’s main sponsor, The Mountaineer, 220 North Main Street in Downtown Waynesville. You can call us, 828.452.2997, or email us with this form:

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