A special “thanks” to HVO!

Folkmoot has a special “thanks” to HVO, Haywood Vocational Opportunities!

We have so many people to thank everyday!! The growing support we receive from the community is allowing Folkmoot to give more back.

But a special “thank you” goes out to HVO and, especially, its Adult Developmental Vocational Program (ADVP): the wonderful folks who run the program and the especially wonderful folks who are employed by the program and visit the Folkmoot Friendship Center on a regular basis to us with many projects, from helping to make beds to light cleaning.  Not only is a great pleasure to have them here but the accomplishment it brings out is amazing!

A Folkmoot "Thank You" to HVO

In case you don’t know, the HVO ADVP provides pre-vocational, recreational and social activities to individuals with developmental disabilities to maximize each person’s individual potential. Employees are adults in need of long-term training. 

A Folkmoot "Thank You" to HVO
HVO President George Marshall

Operating as a not-for-profit, social enterprise organization, HVO provides vocational training and employment opportunities for adults with disadvantages and disabilities. The diverse and integrated team environment makes us unique. HVO’s training programs are nationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. HVO believes that people have the right to be respected, earn a fair wage, and to have equal opportunities.

The enterprise has more than 35 years of experience in manufacturing disposable healthcare products and has created partnerships with some of the key players in the medical industry. It is currently the largest manufacturer of custom medical drapes in the United States.

HVO believes that individuals have the right to be respected, to have equal opportunities, to work, to earn a fair wage, and participate in activities that enrich their lives. The Board of Directors an staff support the concept that through meaningful, satisfying work and leisure, people are able to live more independently, successfully and productively. HVO offers qualifying individuals in Haywood County opportunities to train and make informed choices as they strive to achieve their goals.

Here’s a video which explains even more:

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