So what the heck is a workshop performance anyway? Well…

A workshop performance is one of collaboration in which the audience gets to participate at different points and join in!  It has a much less formal vibe.  You don’t *have* to join in…you just can if you choose!  And oftentimes, you get to see the groups collaborate as well!

What workshop performances do we have going on these weekend, you ask?  Saturday afternoon at 3PM at the Cherokee Indian Fairgrounds, you can see the Tsalagi Touring Group from Cherokee and the group from Colombia perform, collaborate, & ask you to join in!  How can you buy the insanely affordable tickets ($10 for adults/children 12 and under free)?  Either right here online or at the fairgrounds on the day of!

2 fantastic sidenotes:  performances of the Tsalagi Touring Group were sponsored by the Cherokee Preservation Foundation…AND the amazing women of the Cherokee chapter of the North American Indian Women’s Association have come on board to handle the concession stand during the event.  Simply curious about a way to make a daytrip of a ride to Cherokee?  This link is a great help!

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