Show us your Spookmoot costume!

Show us your Spookmoot costume!

C’mon, c’mon…we want to see! We can’t wait for the weekend and the Friday night Kid’s Carnival or the Saturday Halloween Fling & Costume Party for adults!

We want to see! (And so does everyone else – you know, just in the interest of making sure we’re all not duplicating each other.)

Seriously, we’re not doing recon here. We just want to invite you to post photos of the costume you might (or might not) wear Friday night or Saturday night. (How many Donald Trumps can we have in Haywood County?)

Spookmoot @ Folkmoot
Georgiana & Chris Wenzel

See? Like this. Those are not really pirates – although they sure look like pirates. They are long-time Folkmoot friends and supporters Georgiana and Chris Wenzel dressed as pirates.

You are most welcome to post the photos here on the website in the “leave a reply” section below this post (upload them into the “leave a reply” section) or you can post them to our Folkmoot Facebook Page (be sure to “tag” our page in the photo to make sure they get posted there). Using the hashtag, #Spookmoot, you can send us photos via Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr,  GooglePlus or Pinterest.

And just in case it somehow sailed right over your transom (that’s pirate talk) here’s the skinny:

Tickets can be purchased at the Folkmoot Friendship Center, 112 Virginia Avenue and at Spookmoot’s main sponsor, The Mountaineer, 220 North Main Street in Downtown Waynesville. You can call us, 828.452.2997, or email us with the form at the bottom of this post.

Tickets will also be available at the door of each event.

Folkmoot volunteers have been working hard, scurrying around to transform the Folkmoot Friendship Center into a fun and spooky forest.

Kid’s Carnival Night is Friday, October 30, 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Tickets are $5, kids and adults. Kids under 2 are free. Games (with prizes) will be featured along with delicious food to make even vampires wish for non-human treats, a terrifying haunted hall (don’t worry, parents, education is also part of the “haunted hall”, a photo booth to capture ghoulish costumes, classic movies and a few more surprises.

Spookmoot Halloween Fling & Costume Party is October 31st , 8 p.m., the night of all Hallows Eve at the Folkmoot Friendship Center and it’s all about the adults (18 and over). VIP tickets (and you’re all VIPs) are $50 per person . Folkmoot is opening its doors for the greatest party Haywood County has seen in a long time! The haunted hall is more frightening, the food more delicious and drinks for which even the scariest will need an ID to purchase. Dance the night away until the bewitching hour!!How do I get tickets for Spookmoot?

Spookmoot Pumpkin Catapult with the Catamounts! Sunday, November 1, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., Main Street @ Miller Street in Downtown Waynesville, $3 donation requested for each pun’kin ‘pulted! Students from Western Carolina University’s Construction Management Department are right now spending valuable class time designing catapults the purpose of which will be to chunk pumpkins down a Waynesville street! Not making this up. Catapults chunkin’ pun’kins on a Sunday afternoon! What could be more fun?? Who knows what kind of pumpkin pie can come of this? Prizes will be awarded for the heaviest pumpkin, the farthest chunked pumpkin and maybe more!

Go set the countdown on your phone!  Call us or stop by the Folkmoot Friendship Center or The Mountaineer for tickets!

Spookmoot @ Folkmoot

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