Share your traditional garb during Folkmoot

Share your traditional garb during Folkmoot 2015!

During the festival – July 16 to 26; schedule, performers and tickets here – we’re hoping as many friends and supporters as possible with share with us your own cultural roots through your personal clothing choice.

We encourage you to wear the traditional garb of your heritage when you attend a Folkmoot USA performance. Whether it’s a hat, a broach, a full kilt, we hope you will represent your family’s cultural roots through dress! This is a great way to feel more connected to the Folkmoot experience.

Share your traditional garb at Folkmoot 2015Believe it or not what you wear can give someone an incredible amount of information when they first see you. Think about watching a movie: when the first scene pans, before anything is said, the first thing you observe is often clothing to get an idea of time period, location, culture, even religious beliefs. If someone is wearing a loincloth, chances are they aren’t in New York City, circa 1975.

Prior to performances we will be posting pictures of staff and board members in their traditional garb on the Folkmoot website and along our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr). We encourage you to send us a picture of your garb ahead of time so we can share your culture with our followers. We will also be snapping pictures of guests at each venue and sharing them as well. We may even have a little photo contest.

Traditional clothing is one of the most important elements of folk dancing. Clothing can represent social status, marital status, religious affiliation, political importance and much more. In a day in age when fashion has become frivolous as far as identifying a particular person, it is always interesting to hark back to one’s cultural roots and dress a certain way because it’s “in your blood.”

Don’t miss the chance to reconnect with your heritage, make your ancestors smile, and maybe get a best-dressed award somewhere along the way!

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