In Search of Friendly, Culturally Inquisitive, Globally-Minded Guides for Folkmoot 2017

Though the work is demanding, the rewards of being a Folkmoot Festival guide are meaningful and memorable. A once-in-a-lifetime personal growth and cultural exchange experience awaits for up to 20 individuals, sought by Folkmoot USA to provide support for the 34th annual festival. Guides are ambassadors to visiting international cultural performance groups. Guides also serve as emcees, facilitators and translators. Additionally, they support seamless performances, transportation and meal schedules and ensure compliance with Folkmoot guidelines and NC laws.


Guides are assigned to their groups 24 hours a day, and are provided room, four meals each day, and are paid a stipend.  Extensive training precedes the guide duty which begins July 14; the festival begins on July 20 and service is completed on August 2. Applications are available at and are due by February 28, 2017.


For more information, please call or email Elizabeth Burson, 828-452-2997 or

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