Say, “hello,” in Spanish – or, maybe, in Quechua

Say, “hello,” in Spanish – or, maybe, in Quechua.

The “Say Hello” campaign is new to Folkmoot USA this 2015 festival. Today we explore greetings common to the people of Ecuador.
Say, "hello," in Spanish - Folkmoot 2015Grupo de Danzas Tradicionales Ecuatorianas de Universidad Técnica DEL Norte is one of our performing dance troupes for Folkmoot 2015 and it will be a pleasure to welcome them and make them feel at home here in our beautiful Smoky Mountains!

Folkmoot 2015 begins July 16 and runs through July 26! Our schedule of events and links to online ticket sales are here.

Ecuador is a country which straddles the Equator on the Western coast of South America. The official language of Ecuador is Spanish, spoken by about 93% of the population. Quechua, the native language of the Incan people is spoken by over 4% of the population. Present-day Ecuador made up the northern section of the Incan Empire until the Spanish conquest in 1533.

Most of us know how to say hello in Spanish.

Hello: Hola (Don’t forget the H is silent!)

Now try this greeting is Quechua

Hello: Nepaykullayki (nah-pie-coo-yah-key)

Listen to it spoken aloud here.

Come join us at Folkmoot USA performances around WNC, July 16-26 to learn more about Ecuadorian culture, see their beautiful folk dances, and hear their traditional folk music!

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Say, "hello," in Spanish, Quechua - Folkmoot 2015