Say, “Hello,” in Filipino!

Say, “Hello,” in Filipino!

The Philippines is a nation of many islands in the Western Pacific Ocean. Previously a colony of Spain and the United States, the Philippines has had many different cultural influences. The official languages of the Philippines are Filipino (based on Tagalog), and English.

Now try these Filipino greetings

Good morning: Magandang umaga

Good noon: Magandang tanghali

Good afternoon: Magandang hapon

Good evening: Magandang gabi

Listen to them pronounced here.

We are honored for Folkmoot 2015 to have representing traditional Filipino dance, the outstanding Parangal Dance Company.

Folkmoot 2015 begins Thursay, July 16, and extends through July 26!  You can see schedule performers here and check the performance dates/times and buy tickets here.

The mission of Parangal, which means, “tribute,” is to give tribute to Philippine heritage by preserving and promoting ethnic attire, music and dance through research, workshops, and performances. The troupe serves as a bridge,inspiring and connecting Filipino Americans to their roots to give them a sense of pride and identity, while educating diverse communities to foster awareness and appreciation of Philippine culture.

You can find them on Facebook and other social channels. Watch this exciting video and scroll further down the page to see photos from past Filipino visitors to Fokmoot!


Philippines dancer, Waynesville 1990
Philippines dancer, Waynesville 1990



Philippines 1990
Philippines 1990
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Say, "Hello," in Filipino!