Sara Queen Shares The Story Behind The Globe

Have you noticed the new addition to the front entrance of the Folkmoot Friendship Center? Last summer, Sara Queen and her dad, Joe Sam Queen, donated a large globe to be placed at the entrance of the building as a representation of the unity that Folkmoot helps to create. The new globe lights up the front of the Folkmoot Friendship Center and was designed and constructed by two outstanding undergraduate students at the College of Design at NCSU who worked closely with Professor Sara Queen and Joe Sam Queen in the summer of 2016.

Conor Lenhardt, Graphic Design student, and Peter Rozakis, Industrial Design student, designed and constructed this nearly 5′, 80-triangle octacontagon based on Buckminster Fuller’s 20-sided dodecahedron projection of the earth. The design team wanted to construct a light that represented Folkmoot’s mission. Without the political boundaries typically seen on a globe, this depiction of Earth shows us all as a unified planet. The large glowing globe also serves as a welcome sign, inviting people from all over the world into the Folkmoot Friendship Center.

The globe is constructed from translucent acrylic plastic which was laser cut and etched with the earth’s continents before being sandblasted and painted.   The globe form is supported by over 300 custom-made brackets connecting each of the triangles together.  The design of the globe took about two weeks beginning with cardboard prototypes and material tests. The final construction took around one week to make all the pieces and 1 day for assembly. The globe began construction at the College of Design in Raleigh and was completed in Waynesville.  

I have known about Folkmoot most of my life. It is a summer staple for those who grow up in Waynesville. I attended the performances as a kid, traveled to the Asheville Farmer’s market with my granddad to help pick out produce for the cafeteria when the festival was at the Middle School, and I served as a guide when I was in high school for a number of summers.   It has been an honor to work with my father, Joe Sam Queen, on the renovation of the historic Hazelwood School for its continued use as Folkmoot’s Friendship Center,” said Sara Queen.

Visit the Folkmoot Friendship Center to see the globe!

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