Learn pottery from an expert at Folkmoot

Learn pottery from an expert at Folkmoot in February and March!

The six-week course in the beautiful craft, which will cost $100 plus the cost of materials, will begin February 17 and each Wednesday through March 23 at our Folkmoot Friendship Center, 112 Virginia Avenue, Waynesville. All ages are welcome! Each class will begin at 6 p.m.

Classes will feature all levels of pottery skills from basic techniques to creating personal pieces of work.

Plotter the PotterCory Plott will be teaching the class.  Cory is the owner of Plottware Pottery.  He has made exhibitions, galleries, publications and has received many awards in the past three years including “Best is Show, 1st Place” at Colorfest in Dillsboro in 2015.

Plottware Pottery focuses on beauty within durable and affordable wares.  Historically, pottery has held a practical and versatile quality, which has explained its flourishing existence for thousands of years. As a potter, Cory strives to take refuge in that long lasting existence, and honor the timelessness of the clay, and the Earth that it comes from.

Cory is a focused potter, producing thousands of wares each year to support a home and family, but also carry the vision of sculptor.  This way, he can reveal the variety of shapes that the clay can perform, and allow the public to see the beautiful and limitless material of clay through Plottware Pottery.

Folkmoot thanks the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina for supporting Folkmoot’s year-round programming  initiatives.

Call us, (828) 452-2997, or fill out and submit this request for information and we’ll get back in touch with you.

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Learn pottery from expert potter Cory Plotter at Folkmoot in February and March!