Mootenanny 2020 | Pottery


Cory Plott, Clyde, NC | MAY 9 & 10

Learn pottery from expert potter Cory Plotter at Folkmoot in February and March!
Plott is a great-great grandson of Robert Henry Plott, a Plott hound breed icon, and will produce a one of kind piece of pottery to be awarded to the winner of R.H. Plott Memorial Award that was begun by Bob Plott at PlottFest and will return to Mootenanny 2020 this year. Well known as an artist and educator, Cory has conducted pottery seminars for Folkmoot in the past. He has also won multiple awards for his work and booth space, including Best of Show at Dillsboro in 2016, and best booth at the Village of Yesteryear at the N.C State Fair in 2018.