Mootenanny 2020 | Edible Plants/Wildcrafting/Seeds

Mootenanny 2020 | Edible Plants, Wildcrafting, Heirloom Seeds

Ila Hatter, Whittier, NC

Folkmoot Mootenanny 2020 Ila Hatter
Hatter is an accomplished author, instructor, public speaker, video producer and a world-renowned expert on edible plants – also known as wildcrafting. A direct descendant of Pocahontas, Hatter is on the Traditional Artist roster of the Blue Ridge Heritage Council and is a staff instructor or guest instructor at University of Tennessee’s Smoky Mountain Field School, the Great Smoky Mountain Institute in Tremont, The John C. Campbell Folk School, the Brasstown Folk School, and The Mountain Retreat Center.

Renea Winchester, Bryson City, NC

Winchester is an expert in medicinal herbs, potions and “granny medicine,” as well as heritage seeds, and has conducted programs on these topics across the southeast. She is well-known for teaching and encouraging folks to grow their own foods while adhering to the natural way of life.

William Ritter, Lenoir, NC

folkmoot mootenanny ritter 2020
Ritter is an expert on old time music history as well as heirloom seeds and, in addition to his concerts, conducts seminars on these topics. He will perform both on stage as a musical artist and will conduct heirloom seed programs during the festival. Will is also music director for Mootenanny 2020.