Let us know if you need a place to stay!

Dear Friends in the path of Hurricane Irma – Folkmoot is willing to make our hostel services available for groups looking for a warm, dry, safe place to wait out the storm. We are charging $25/bed per night, kids and pets are free, and we are booking through the AirBNB website. Look for the Folkmoot Friendship Center Hostel at Airbnb.com. Please call before booking with AirBNB to ensure we are able to meet your needs, 828-452-2997. Folkmoot does offer a family rate and work with large groups. We have family rooms set up and offer wifi, showers, laundry, and access to our kitchen facility to families who want to cook. If you find yourself in a tight spot over the weekend, please call my cell, 828-550-9336.


Stay safe!

Angie, Executive Director

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