Images & videos from Folkmoot Summer 2015

We continue to compile more images & videos from Folkmoot Summer 2015!

As anyone could guess, Folkmoot is a veritable paradise of bright images and videos, dance and movement, energetic people with broad smiles and engaging personalities.

Here, below, are some samples from that trio for the 2015 Summer Festival. Further on down, we’ll post some of Folkmoot’s own photos and videos. And like no other year before, through our advanced efforts on the social networks, we’ve been graced with many images captured by the Folkmoot performers themselves. We’ll continue to compile the many images of Folkmoot Summer 2015 and post as many as we can here on the website, on our own Facebook page, on our Instagram pages, on our YouTube channel, on our Tumblr, GooglePlus and Pinterest efforts. Feel free to share all these images with your friends and make sure we see the images you publish and post by using the hashtag, #Folkmoot.

But let’s start here with a slideshow from Folkmoot Fotos on Flickr: (click on the photo for larger images)

Folkmoot Summer 2015

And videos, of course:

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