Haywood Sheriff aids the Folkmoot Center

Like most nonprofit organizations, Folkmoot depends on volunteer support and while maybe not a traditional volunteer corps our own Haywood Sheriff aids the Folkmoot Center with dependable work crews on a regular basis.

Haywood Sheriff aids Folkmoot CenterWe’re grateful, of course, to Haywood County Sheriff Greg Christopher for sharing with Folkmoot work crews from his Trustee population to help us as we transform the Folkmoot Center into a year-round cultural and educational hub.

As many of you know The Folkmoot Friendship Center is being extensively remodeled. We are bringing the Historic Hazelwood School back to its former state and we cannot do this alone.

Folkmoot has been working the Haywood County Sheriff’s Department for these special projects. On a regular bases the sheriff’s department brings 3 to 4 trustees to help. They have been painting classrooms, helping move furniture and cleaning quite a few corners. In October they supplied the bulk of the labor to transform the center into a scary haunted house for Spookmoot. In return, Folkmoot provides the trustees with an opportunity to learn work skills they can use to better themselves and the community after they have served their time.

Folkmoot cannot thank the individual workers enough but also Sheriff Greg Christopher and the Haywood County Sheriff’s Department for granting us this gift.

Folkmoot is built on the care and generosity of the community.

Haywood Sheriff aids Folkmoot Center

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Haywood Sheriff aids the Folkmoot Center