Happy Father’s Day: Father of Folkmoot

Happy Father’s Day: Father of Folkmoot

Folkmoot USA would like to wish all the fathers out there a very happy Father’s Day. On this day we take the time to remember and celebrate our own father, Dr. Clinton Border.

At the ripe age of 32 years old we are more thankful than ever for the man with the vision and the ability to put this cultural whirlwind into motion. Folkmoot USA had already mastered the art of cultural exchange at the age of 1 – who else can say that about their child?

Folkmoot Festival 2015 is set for July 16-26. See the roster of performers, check the schedule and buy your tickets here

Dr. Clinton Border conceived the idea for Folkmoot USA while traveling with a local square dance team to Sidmouth, England, to a folk dance festival. Many years later, with the help of hundreds of hardworking volunteers, the first Folkmoot festival took place in 1983. Flash forward to 2015: more than 10,000 international performers from more than 200 nations have traveled to Waynesville, North Carolina to participate in and experience Folkmoot USA. Here they danced together, learned about tolerance and the importance of not only being invested in their own cultures but also sharing their culture with people from around the world and with those of us in Western North Carolina.

We want to acknowledge the tremendous contribution made to the lives of the people of Western North Carolina by founding by Folkmoot’s founding father, Dr. Clinton Border.

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Happy Father's Day: Father of Folkmoot