Friendship Center Rentals

Conferences, Special Events & Lodging

With 22 classrooms, a commercial kitchen, showers, laundry room, the Queen auditorium and a multipurpose room, Folkmoot has ample space for conferences, special event rentals and overnight accommodations for groups. Accommodations begin at $25/night. Minimum 10 overnight guests per group. Maximum 250 overnight guests.

Conference and event rentals are generally $50 – $70 an hour, but discount rates apply for full days and multi-day events.

Folkmoot can provide cafeteria services, entertainment, and transportation by request. To schedule a tour or to inquire about the availability of the Friendship Center, please call Laura Shepherd at 828-452-2997 ext 101.

For concert bookings in Queen Auditorium, please contact Angeline Schwab, 828-452-2997, ext 100.

The Exterior of the Folkmoot Friendship Center Building

Classrooms, an auditorium, cafeteria and a multipurpose room are available for community use throughout the year.

The front of the Friendship Center, 112 Virginia Avenue, Waynesville.
Parking in the back of the Friendship Center off of Brook Street, Waynesville.
In July, Folkmoot hosts up to 240 international dancers and musicians for North Carolina’s

The Queen Auditorium at the Folkmoot Friendship Center
Queen Auditorium without chairs.
Folkmoot’s Cafeteria seats up to 250 people.

The Multipurpose Room for Dancing, Conferences and School-day Workshops

School events and dances are often held in the Multipurpose Room.
The Multipurpose Room without chairs, tables or dancers.
Folkmoot hallways are adorned with flags from the countries who have participated in the Folkmoot Festival.

Amenities for Overnight Guests: Showers, Laundry and Food Services

Folkmoot Building B is equipped with shower rooms and a laundry room for overnight guests.
On the back of the cafeteria, Folkmoot has the Kaufman deck.
Folkmoot has 22 classrooms and 300 cots and bunk beds. We can accomodate large groups for overnight stays to weeklong visits.

Commercial Kitchen Facilities available for Events & Businesses

Folkmoot has an on-call cafeteria staff for special events.
Folkmoot hosts conferences, special events and workshops for the community and is available for private rental.
Folkmoot’s commercial kitchen is large and has all equipment necessary for community dinners, special events and food demonstrations or competitions.
The Folkmoot cafeteria is equipped with commercial kitchen equipment.