Folkmoot Volunteers of the Year

Of all the many Folkmoot volunteers a few stand out each year for contributing over and above the call of duty and we try to recognize them each year as the Outstanding Folkmoot Volunteers of the Year.

And 2015 was no exception to that rule, particularly given the changing faces and changing and expanding mission of Folkmoot.

The 2015 Folkmoot Volunteers of the Year included (as photographed, above, left to right) Vivian Poppas, Mayo Ferguson, Steve Hart, Rose Johnson (Folkmoot board chair), Rolf Kaufman, State Rep. Joe Sam Queen and Bill Cole.

Folkmoot Volunteers

Folkmoot would not exist, of course, without the countless hours contributed by nearly countless volunteers and all of them were honored in August with a special luncheon and party at which they were handed individually crafted thank-you gifts created in pains-taking detail by the paid Folkmoot staff (and still other volunteers).

Folkmoot Volunteer Awards
Folkmoot Awards for Volunteers

Folkmoot Volunteer Awards

Folkmoot has been a community effort of Waynesville, Haywood County and all of Western North Carolina for over three decades now and strives each year to bring the world to Main Street through dance and music and the exchange of cultures from all over the globe.

And beginning now – and for the next 30 years and beyond – Folkmoot will see a growing calendar of year-round events, workshops, community gatherings as Folkmoot transforms into a center for connecting cultures around the world – including our own unique mountain culture – while advancing peace and understanding through international artistic and economic engagement.

And we begin the expansion with what promises to be a huge party and fall festival centered around Halloween: Spookmoot at Folkmoot, the weekend of October 30-November 1.

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Folkmoot Volunteers of the Year