Folkmoot tonight in Canton, Bryson City

Dance performances continue to spread across Western Carolina with Folkmoot tonight in Canton, Bryson City.

The show in Canton begins at 7:30 p.m. in the historic Colonial Theater. Find links to tickets here.

The show in Bryson City also begins at 7:30 p.m. at Swain High School. Links to tickets.

Folkmoot 2015Other performances over the next two day include trips to Hendersonville/Flat Rock, Burnsville, Asheville and a fun-filled, all-family-by-the-carload performance at the Haywood County Fairgrounds:

Wednesday, July 22

2:00 Blue Ridge Community College.

7:00 Blue Ridge Community College.

Thursday, July 23rd

2:00 Burnsville Town Center: French Canada, Estonia

5:00 Haywood County Fair Ground (Kids by the carload): Cloggers, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Cherokee, Blackberry Jam, Ecuador, Dixie Darling

7:00 Jewish Community Center, Asheville: French Canada, Estonia

But let’s go back, just for a minute, to our friends over on the other side of the Plott Balsams.

Sylva’s favorite AM radio stations, WRGC-540 AM, has been a particularly good friend to Folkmoot and we want to give them a shout-out and tell them, “THANK YOU!” We appreciate all you do to promote Folkmoot and its mission of cultural exchange and peace building. Thanks, WRGC!!

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Folkmoot tonight in Canton, Bryson City