Folkmoot – Throw Back Thursday

Folkmoot USA, Mexico, 1985
Grupo Folklorico del Departamento de Bellas Artes; Guadalajara, Mexico

Folkmoot – Throw Back Thursday is a time to reflect on the beautiful and spirited Folkmoot Festivals of the past!

As one can imagine, we’ve collected quite a truck full of photos in over three decades of Folkmoot Festivals. Aside from being an effort to build peace and understanding, enhanced cultural education and exchange and generally trying to make the world a much better place Folkmoot is also a photographer’s dream.

Colorful dress, fantastic movement and soaring experiences make for unforgettable images captured by photographers and videographers.

In today’s feature, we’ll go back to (nearly) the beginning.

For Folkmoot 2015 – July 16-26 – you can see schedule performers here and check the performance dates/times and buy tickets here.

And, by the way, we have some loyal photographers, neighbors and visitors alike, who make it a point each year to capture their favorite Folkmoot images and post them on their own sites for all to see and share. Check out three of our most active Phriend/Photographers. You can see Vicki Passmore’s photos at her Folkmoot USA Photos Facebook Page and on her Folkmoot USA Photos Pinterest Board. Canton photographer F.C. “Chip” Etier has plenty of Folkmoot portfolios on his website (as well as links to his FacebookTwitter & GooglePlus pages).  And Louisville, KY, videographer Art Hoffman consistently posts interesting Folkmoot action on his YouTube channel and his website.

Folkmoot USA was just two years old when these photos were taken in 1985.

La Sabotee Sancerroise; Berry, France
La Sabotee Sancerroise; Berry, France
Gruppo Folkloristico Zig Zaghini; Galdo, Italy
Gruppo Folkloristico Zig Zaghini; Galdo, Italy
Folkmoot USA, Poland, 1985
Promni – Warsaw, Poland


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Folkmoot - Throw Back Thursday