Folkmoot Summer 2015 images remain forever!

The Folkmoot Summer Festival of 2015 closed its 10-day run July 26 but Folkmoot Summer 2015 images remain forever!

In addition to being North Carolina’s Official Folklife Festival and the biggest party of each summer in Western Carolina, Folkmoot is, among many other aspects, a feast for the senses, a delicious full meal with dessert for the eyes and ears, a cornucopia of sights and sounds. The spirited and rhythmic performances, the colors and splash, the pageantry and grace of the dancers all make for a veritable paradise for anyone with a lens through which to capture the glorious images.

Folkmoot = PeaceFolkmoot is blessed with many friends and supporters, sponsors and a whole cohort of extraordinary people who all work together to make it happen each year – and as we transition into a year-round organization – will continue to work to make Folkmoot a beacon of cultural exchange, community-sharing and peace-building.

Among all those many friends and supporters are those who capture the essence of Folkmoot for the camera.

Vicki Lynn Passmore chronicles her Folkmoot adventure each year on her own Facebook community. Art Hoffman captures the sights and sounds in his videos and posts them to his YouTube channel. Chip Etier each year posts the “Faces of Folkmoot” in his imagery. You can see his 2015 video version here.

You can see other videos and photos on our Videos & Images page here on our site  and visit this post for even more images and videos.

Here, below, are some samples from that trio for the 2015 Summer Festival. Further on down, we’ll post some of Folkmoot’s own photos and videos. And like no other year before, through our advanced efforts on the social networks, we’ve been graced with many images captured by the Folkmoot performers themselves. We’ll continue to compile the many images of Folkmoot Summer 2015 and post as many as we can here on the website, on our own Facebook page, on our Instagram pages, on our YouTube channel, on our Tumblr, GooglePlus and Pinterest efforts. Feel free to share all these images with your friends and make sure we see the images you publish and post by using the hashtag, #Folkmoot.

The party never ends:

After our last T’au Sug performance at #folkmoot

A photo posted by Brian Anthony Barayuga Batugo (@brianbatugo) on

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Folkmoot Summer 2015 images remain forever!