Folkmoot Staff Is Getting Pumped For Folkmoot 2017!

There are many sensational aspects about the festival and each year breeds new excitement. There are numerous things to look forward to such as the costumes, music, dance, and interaction with people from all over the world. This year Folkmoot has new venues and groups that are getting the Folkmoot community eager for the festival to begin! Take a look at what our staff is most excited about this year.

Angie Schwab (Director): I am looking forward to many things about the festival but the guide training feels very special to me because we are offering a unique cultural educational experience that will help our kids succeed within the context of the festival and throughout their lives.

The gala after-party has been an incredible event where I’ve experienced the joy of our hard work paying off. At that point, we will have all our groups safe and sound in Waynesville and we will be making steady progress in selling tickets!

Catherine McCallum (Operations & Volunteer Coordinator): Something I am looking forward to at this year’s festival is the FUMC Cultural Forum and Dance. This will be a great opportunity for the Haywood Community to interact with a member of several groups. The community can ask them about their lives in their home country or their heritage and culture. It will be very informative and educational for all ages.

Kayla Hobbs (Marketing Intern): There are many things I am looking forward to about this year’s festival but I am most excited about the group from Israel, Ayalot Hanegev. This group comes highly recommended and I am curious to see how they express Israeli culture through dance!

Lisa Wilnoty (Cherokee Coordinator): What I’m looking forward to is meeting all the people from the visiting groups and excited for all the involvement with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Folkmoot is a wonderful outlet for people to travel and never leave Western North Carolina! Just the best multi-cultural experience!

Elizabeth (Group Relations): I’m excited to meet all of the groups in person. By the time they arrive at the festival I’ve been talking with them on a weekly base for several months. Finally meeting them, seeing their dances and learning their cultures in person is just one of the many reasons I’ve been involved with Folkmoot for so long.

Laura (Events & Ticketing Manager): As the ticket manager I get to speak with many of our ticket buyers every year.  I love hearing the memories of previous festival-goers and also speaking with those that are new to Folkmoot and inviting them to experience the fun and adventure of seeing and meeting performers from around the world! The Gala or other performances are where I finally get to meet them and see the pleasure that Folkmoot brings to old and new patrons.


Go to and get your tickets to experience the wonder of international culture through music and dance!

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