Folkmoot people: Gary Justice, social media star

Folkmoot’s staff and volunteers are among the kindest and most generous our community has to offer, and we appreciate their efforts more than we can say.

Gary Justice has worked with us in various capacities for 25 years, driving buses and helping maintain our facility. He’s putting in the extra mile these days, quite literally. He rolls out of bed in the wee hours and leaves Waynesville at 5:30am, driving his school bus along a winding, remote 95-mile route up Mount Sterling and to the head of Fines Creek, delivering meals from Haywood County Schools to children staying at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

There are some 7,500 school kids in Haywood County, and over half qualify for meal assistance. Many rely on school meals during the academic year to maintain a proper diet.

Thank you Gary!

The social media version of this post, shared across several platforms, produced many hundreds of likes and shares. We’ve included our Facebook version below. We’re proud to know you Gary!

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