Folkmoot is more social (media) than ever!

Beginning with this, our 2015 edition, Folkmoot is more social (media) than ever!

The festival launches Thursday and we want to see you – in person and online! A complete schedule and links to tickets is here. The line-up of fantastic dance troupes from around the world is here.

Oh sure, Folkmoot has for over three decades now been very social – it’s all about connecting with people of different cultures around the world, getting to know them and ourselves and making new friends.

But this year, the Folkmoot Festival has a greater presence online and, specifically, on the social media networks than ever before – and that’s a trend which will continue and grow in the coming years. Hashtag: #Folkmoot – Please share your #Folkmoot experiences! We will be live-posting all through the festival so look for our posts not only here on our website but also on our social channels. Share them with friends!


Folkmoot on FacebookOur Folkmoot Facebook Page has long had an active and growing community and many of you visit and engage with it often – and we’re grateful for that.



Folkmoot on TwitterThe Folkmoot Twitter presence has increased exponentially in recent months and we’ve added the Folkmoot face to other popular social channels:

Folkmoot on GooglePlusGooglePlus


Folkmoot on InstagramInstagram (web client, @Folkmoot)

Folkmoot on PinterestPinterest

Folkmoot on TumblrTumblr



Folkmoot on YouTubeAnd beginning with the opening of the 2015 Folkmoot Festival we’ll be rolling out a YouTube channel (as well and connecting with and sharing the YouTube videos of long-time Folkmoot friend and videographer Art Hoffman.

We’re just continuing the grand Folkmoot party online and we invite you to join us on any or all of the social channels with which you engage most!

Again, we invite you share your Folkmoot experience online – on the social channels you use most (or, maybe even, discover new ones). Please use the hashtag, #Folkmoot, when sharing. We will try our best to keep up and repost, share whatever you post online.

In addition to our social network channels, many of the dance troupes and individual dancers have their own social accounts as well (unfortunately, too many to list here) and you will no doubt find them posting quite a lot. We encourage you to seek them out, follow them, share with them, engage them. After all, Folkmoot is all about cultural exchange and building peace through friendships. We can do that online, too!!

One of our Chilean dancers, posted this to Instagram:

Welcome @claudio_jesus ! #Chile @ #Folkmoot

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Folkmoot is more social (media) than ever!