Folkmoot is launching the “Say Hello” campaign

To teach children about international cultures Folkmoot is launching the “Say Hello” campaign for the 2015 Festival.

The campaign, leading up to – and during – Folkmoot 2015, July 16-26, will be fun, educational, interactive and engaging.

Say, “Hello!” “Bonjour!” “Buenos Dias!” “Tere!” “হ্যালো (Hyālō)!” “Halo!” “ᎣᏏᏲ (Osiyo)!“…& “Hey y’all!

As a kid, a lot of things are unclear, difficult to understand. Children, especially elementary aged children, have a relatively low level of knowledge of subjects like international geography, foreign culture and language.

When you take this into account it is not so surprising that kids might come up with questions such as “does time flow differently there?” or “do you hunt for food?”

Yes. Those were real questions posed by a child to a Serbian Dancer during a Folkmoot 2012 Children’s performance.

The aim of the, “Say Hello,” campaign will be to get children more involved in Folkmoot and improve their understanding of language and culture.

Folkmoot Say HelloFor a start, children will have the opportunity to learn how to say, “hello,” in the language of every performing group (see above). At each performance, part of the emcee’s introduction for every country will include instructions on saying their word for Hello. This information will be reiterated at the children’s performances, which will have a stronger focus on language and culture.

It’s important for children to begin to understand what Folkmoot is and what it means to live in a world where different cultures and ways of life can coexist peacefully.

Many young children, especially in rural areas, do not understand the concept of people from different places in the world. It is easy to grow up never taking into consideration how we are only one small portion of this world, or that while people in other places can have many differences from us, it is the abundant similarities that connect us all.

We believe children should know what Folkmoot is about, who the dancers are, from what nations they come and the history which forms their cultures.

We plan to communicate these ideas through children’s performances, emcee introductions, a “say hello” educational tent at International Festival Day and children’s activities in the commemorative guide book. We hope to launch a daily video blog during the festival accessible here at our website and on our social network channels (Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest).

We hope this campaign will only continue to grow as does the Folkmoot Friendship Center in it’s journey to become a year-round center for cultural engagement, community development, and educational enrichment.

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