Folkmoot is grateful for our community!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! It’s the time of year when we gather to express our gratitude for all we have and above all, Folkmoot is grateful for our community!

Folkmoot would not exist, of course, without the countless hours contributed by nearly countless volunteers and all of them were honored in August with a special luncheon and party at which they were handed individually crafted thank-you gifts created in pains-taking detail by the paid Folkmoot staff (and still other volunteers).

Folkmoot has been a community effort of Waynesville, Haywood County and all of Western North Carolina for over three decades now and strives each year to bring the world to Main Street through dance and music and the exchange of cultures from all over the globe.

And among the many, many people, groups and businesses which make Folkmoot a reality we are especially grateful this year as we strive to become a year-round asset to our community, our region, our nation and, yes, the world.

We are grateful for…

All Our Sponsors

(look them up here on their own page)

Grateful for our Sponsors


Beverly-Hanks & Associates, Realtors

(for sponsoring our year-round programs)

Grateful for Beverly-Hanks


Western Carolina University & our Punkin’ Chunkin’ Crew

Grateful for WCU & PunkinChunkin


Our Sound Crew

Michael Teacle & Diana Kuzmich (who so very generously donate their time)

Grateful for our Sound Crew


Our Volunteers

Grateful for our Volunteers


Our Festival Guides

Grateful for Festival Guides


Our Festival Dance Troupes

Grateful for our Dance Troupes


Our Music

Grateful for our Music


The Stompin’ Ground

Grateful for the Stompin' Ground


The Mountaineer

Grateful for The Mountaineer


The Smoky Mountain News

Grateful for Smoky Mountain News


Waynesville & Haywood County

Grateful for Waynesville & Haywood County


The Waynesville Police Department

Grateful for Waynesville Police Dept.


The Waynesville Fire Department

Grateful for Waynesville Fire Dept.


Leadership Haywood

Grateful for Leadership Haywood


And, most of all, Our Friendships

Grateful for our friendships


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Folkmoot is grateful for our community!